Exhaust heat recovery of Boiler

Energy saving steps of boiler

  1. Decrease oxygen content of exhaust : combustion oxygen content control system
  2. Reduce exhaust temperature
  3. Exhaust heat recovery :
    - Air to air heat recovery to increase temperature of fresh air flowing into combustion room.
    - Air to water heat recovery for hot water application.
  4. Combustion monitoring system of boiler : oxygen content of exhaust, exhaust temperature, exhaust element analysis, etc.

PLC+HMI control and recording system

  • The following data can be recorded: inlet and outlet oil temperature, operating temperature, exhaust temperature, fuel usage amount, air amount (estimated by wind pressure or inverter), pre-heated air temperature, thermal oil flow (flow meter by customer).
  • The following condition can be setup for optimum operation: air-fuel ratio, heat recovery efficiency, boiler combustion efficiency, exhaust heat loss, cleaning management.
  • Can connect to central ERP system.