Other finishing machines

Compression molding machine

  • Function:To pre-heat and soften the nonwoven fabric via infrared, and then send into compression machine for molding process.
  • Feature:
    • Automatically infeed and outfeed to reduce the cost and workload.
    • Heating by infrared or ceramic radiation to pre-heat and soften the material.

O type dryer

  • Working width:1,000~3,500mm
  • Treating fabrics:Non-woven fabric (Spunlace)
  • Temperature : Maximum 220℃

2-Roll/ 3-Roll/ Heat pressing/ Calendering/ Embossing machine

  • Function:For the surface treatment or heated forming of nonwoven fabric (straight-laid/ needle punching/ spunbond/ spunlace) by the heating rollers. Also can combine with embossing roller to put pattern on the fabric to enhance production value and functional processing.
  • Feature:
    • Adopt thermal oil temperature control unit to make sure the roller temperature is even.
    • The pattern of embossing roller can be made by requirement, able to change different roller for various processing.
    • Gap adjustment design.
    • Cross adjustment design.
Vertical type dipping and coating machine

Vertical type dipping and coating machine